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  • Dogs Help Defeat Depression

    Dogs Help Defeat Depression

    Support Partners and Canine Companions  Program promotes human-dog partnership to assist in recovering from depression. Follow these easy and handy tips to include your dog in your recovery: 1. Be active! Walking, running and playing with your dog are great ways to exercise every day. Remember to always talk with your doctor before starting a…

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  • AKA Therapy Dog Program

    AKA Therapy Dog Program

    The American Kennel Club® (AKA) and responsible breeders aim to preserve and improve the breeds they dedicate their lives to. The AKC leads the charge by donating millions of dollars to canine health research as well as education programs. The AKA Therapy Dog Program recognizes AKC dogs and their owners who have given their time and helped people by…

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  • “Pawsitive Pals” San Diego Hospice Pet Therapy Program

    “Pawsitive Pals” San Diego Hospice Pet Therapy Program

    Dogs have a great role to play in hospitals. This video is particularly poignant as it explains the therapeutic value of dogs in Palliative medicine. The Pawsitive Pals Pet Therapy Program at San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine has a remarkable way of connecting with patients on a very special level. This…

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