The Special Lives of Service Dogs

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  • Rhodes Scholar Thrives with Service Dog’s Help

    Rhodes Scholar Thrives with Service Dog’s Help

    Jory Fleming, 22, has autism, which makes social interaction difficult. “I didn’t really expect to do much of anything,” he said. He could not have been more wrong. Fleming recently won one of academia’s most prestigious awards, the $68,000-a-year Rhodes Scholarship, for students who succeed inside and outside of the classroom. With the help of…

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  • No Go Britain: guide dog users whose dogs are turned away

    It’s written in law that assistance dogs – including guide dogs – should be allowed into offices, shops, restaurants, taxis – basically anywhere their owners are going. But a group of guide dog users marched on Parliament  to alert MPs to the fact that the law in this area is all-too-often ignored.

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  • How ‘dog detectives’ are making an environmental impact

    How ‘dog detectives’ are making an environmental impact

    A year after her successful Dreamstarter campaign, Lizzie Corke, founder and CEO of Conservation Ecology Centre, talks about the fantastic contribution Otways Conservation Dogs are making in protecting Australia’s endangered Tiger Quoll. What’s the problem you’re tackling?  As an apex predator and the largest marsupial predator remaining on the Australian mainland, the Tiger Quoll plays a vital role…

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  • $1,000,000 in Grants for Human-Animal Interaction Research Proposals

    Funding Opportunity from National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (NICHD)  Applicants are invited to apply for research grant applications to examine the inclusion of animals in therapy and rehabilitation, neurological conditions, behavioral, emotional and mental health issues and related health outcomes, as well as the adaptation healthy behaviors and the enhancement of learning…

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  • Animals Assisting People

    Animals Assisting People

    Numerous organisations in Victoria help foster the important roles that animals can play in our lives – whether it’s through horse riding schools for the disabled, assistance dogs for the disabled or elderly, or programs helping people to keep their pets when they go into care or become less capable of doing so themselves. Here…

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  • Search & Rescue Dogs Organisation in Australia

    Search & Rescue Dogs Organisation in Australia

    Did you know? An average dog has 220 million scent receptors, compared to a human who has only 5 million. Dogs can move their nostrils independently of one another, allowing them to pinpoint the source of a scent. Dogs have long been used in history for finding and rescuing lost people. Humans shed around 40,000…

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  • Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust (Mobility Dogs)

    Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust (Mobility Dogs)

    Established in 2003 Mobility Dogs mission is:“to enhance the lives of people living with physical disabilities; increasing independence, confidence, self-esteem and participation in New Zealand communities” through the training of assistance dogs.  Mobility Dogs are trained to provide functional assistance with everyday tasks for those living with physical disabilities including:  fetching the phone retrieving dropped…

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  • Man Rescues Dog.Then Dog Rescues Man

    Man Rescues Dog.Then Dog Rescues Man

    Eric O’Grey knew he was in trouble. His weight had ballooned to 320 pounds, and he was spending more than $1,000 a month on medications for high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. In 2010, a physician told him to buy a funeral plot, because he would need it in five years. He…

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  • 1 in 3 working Guide Dogs attacked by an off-lead dog!

    2014 SURVEY* REVEALS GUIDE DOGS UNDER ATTACK FROM OFF-LEAD PET DOGS VICTORIAN DOG OWNERS URGED TO ‘TAKE THE LEAD’. TAKE THE LEAD! Research shows that attacks from off-lead pet dogs are one of the main reasons for the premature retirement of Guide Dogs.  34% of blind or vision impaired Victorian Guide Dog handlers have had their…

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