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  • Pets & Health: Family Physician Survey (USA)

    The Human-Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) Foundation partnered with Cohen Research Group to conduct an online panel survey of 1,000 family doctors and general practitioners. This is the largest survey of its kind to explore doctors’ knowledge and attitudes towards the human health benefits of pets. 28-question survey was conducted in Aug 2014 with 3.1% […]

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  • Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation Accepting Proposals

    DEADLINE: JAN 27, 2016 The vision of the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation (HABRI) is to demonstrate that our relationship with pets and animals makes the world a better place by significantly improving human health and quality of life. HABRI does this by advancing the growing body of evidence about the positive roles that […]

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  • Dogs poop in line with Earth’s magnetic field

    A study published this week in the journal Frontiers in Zoology suggests that dogs choose to relieve themselves along a north-south axis in line with Earth’s magnetic field. The research was carried out by a team of Czech and German scientists. “Dogs are sensitive to small variations of the Earth’s magnetic field,” said the research team. “Dogs preferred to excrete […]

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  • Australia’s first dedicated dog behaviour and cognition laboratory

    Questions that have dogged humans for decades about the behaviour of their canine companions could soon be answered in Bendigo. Australia’s first dedicated dog behaviour and cognition laboratory has opened at Latrobe University, Bendigo. The lab will allow the university’s researchers to advance the world’s knowledge of man’s best friend. They are already hot on […]

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  • New technology helps handlers monitor health, well-being of guide dogs

    Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a device that allows people who are blind to monitor their guide dogs, in order to keep tabs on the health and well-being of their canine companions. The work was led by Sean Mealin, a PhD student at NC State, who is blind. This photo shows Mealin […]

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  • Man Risks Radiation Poisoning to Save Fukushima’s Abandoned Animals

    Naoto Matsumura is the last person living in Tomioka, Japan. The area was devastated after the disasters at the Fukushima power plant, causing almost all of its residents to flee. They never returned, so now he is taking care of all the animals still living there. According to BBC News, a man by the name […]

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  • Golden Retriever Saves Six-Year-Old Girl from Dying

    Baxter, a Golden Retriever from Glasgow used to be a regular, loveable house pet, but last month his status changed from normal dog to hero dog after he saved 6yr old Olivia Goodman from drowning. Olivia was fighting a high fever and stayed home from school to sleep off the virus. Her mom Amanda Goodman […]

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  • Jihu injects a lot of positivity in our lives!

    Rolf and Vyrna are the proud owners of Jihu, the 2nd assistance dog to be placed in a Melbourne home in October. Vyrna recently reported that “all is going well”. It is just one month since Jihu joined us, and I will never forget the sight of Alberto (from Assistance Dogs Australia) at the open front door, […]

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