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  • Assistance Dogs Australia celebrates 20 years!

    Twenty years, two hundred dogs and one family… Hannie & Robert Biggs OAM had no idea that their holiday to the USA over 20yrs ago would change their lives forever, as well as those of so many families in Australia. As huge animal lovers, the couple visited Canine Companions for Independence during their time in […]

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  • Cyclists asked to exercise caution around Guide Dogs!

    A charity for blind people has said guide dog owners are scared of going out in London because of cyclists. The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association said it had seen more reports from guide dog owners who had been hit by a cyclist or come close to a collision. Rob Harris from the group […]

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  • Calls to improve regulations for assistance animals

    The Australian Human Rights Commission has responded to an increased number of complaints regarding assistance animals, by holding a forum with various stakeholders to discuss issues around certification, accreditation and regulation of assistance animals. Assistance animals, particularly assistance dogs, guide dogs and hearing dogs provide invaluable support to some people with disability to enable them […]

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  • Service dog accompanies first-ever disabled Lego figure in new collection

    Lego just made history with the addition of a Lego character in a wheelchair and a service dog. Lego just changed the toy game in a major way.The Denmark-based company unveiled a disabled Lego figurine during the International Toy Fair earlier this week in Nuremberg, Germany, NPR reports. The character, who appears to be a young man or boy, is seen sitting in a […]

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  • Smart Pups receive Newman’s Own grant

    Smart Pups Assistance Dogs Smart Pups Assistance Dogs is a dedicated not-for-profit organisation based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia that focuses on improving the quality of life for young people with Autism and Seizure related syndromes, and their families through training their dogs in ‘task specific’skills. a grant from Newman’s Own Foundation will be […]

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  • Bella the Medical Alert & Psychiatric Service Dog

    When most people see this photo of Bella and her human, Valerie Parrott, they break out into a smile and utter an ‘aaw!!’. But the meaning of this photo runs much deeper than Valerie & Bella sharing a sweet moment on Valerie’s wedding day. Bella is a medical alert and psychiatric service dog. She’s performing an […]

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  • Having a dog in bed with you may help you sleep better!

    Mayo Clinic Sleep study discovered nearly half of pet owners reported they felt more rested with their animal in their bedroom than without! Factors to Consider Regarding Where Companion Animals Should Sleep Guiding principle: The sleep of the pet owner takes priority over loyalty to the pet: How well does the pet owner sleep? How […]

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  • Homeless people and their pets share unbreakable love

    Many homeless insist that “their animal companion is their best friend and oxygen without whom life wouldn’t be worth living.” What pets need most is human companionship, they don’t need a house. They love, adore and protect their owners. Pets offer a vital relationship to many homeless individuals. They provide unconditional love and friendship to […]

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  • Blind Service Dog’s Smile Brightens The Lives Of Others

    Born without sight, Smiley serves up a smile and hope to those who need it most! Bright and perky therapy dogs are a common sight at many nursing homes. They bring a smile to the faces of those no longer able to communicate and joy to the hearts of care-givers. But what if said therapy dog […]

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