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Category: Dog Welfare

  • Cyclists asked to exercise caution around Guide Dogs!

    A charity for blind people has said guide dog owners are scared of going out in London because of cyclists. The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association said it had seen more reports from guide dog owners who had been hit by a cyclist or come close to a collision. Rob Harris from the group […]

  • Homeless people and their pets share unbreakable love

    Many homeless insist that “their animal companion is their best friend and oxygen without whom life wouldn’t be worth living.” What pets need most is human companionship, they don’t need a house. They love, adore and protect their owners. Pets offer a vital relationship to many homeless individuals. They provide unconditional love and friendship to […]

  • Man Risks Radiation Poisoning to Save Fukushima’s Abandoned Animals

    Naoto Matsumura is the last person living in Tomioka, Japan. The area was devastated after the disasters at the Fukushima power plant, causing almost all of its residents to flee. They never returned, so now he is taking care of all the animals still living there. According to BBC News, a man by the name […]

  • Caring for Dogs over the Summer Months

    Even for us humans, the Australian summer can be unbearable – especially when temperatures soar over 35 degrees. Air conditioners are a necessity, cold drinks and swimming in a pool or beach provide us with some relief, but it’s important to spare a thought for the wellbeing of our furry family members who are also […]

  • Canine Psychology & Behavior Resources

    In order to get the most out of the dog-person relationship, people must have a basic grasp of how dogs think & communicate and a solid grasp of basic canine psychology.   Dog Psychology All dog owners know that there are times when their four-legged friend seems to understand just what they are thinking. Over […]

  • Dog Park Etiquette

    For most dog owners, going to the dog park is a fun way to let your dog get exercise while socializing with other dogs. In order to keep the dog park fun for all visitors, we all need to be mindful of proper dog park etiquette when we visit. Once you and your dog get […]

  • How to choose the right companion dog

    Genetic Health Problems in Companion Animals Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) focus is on Science in the Service of Animal Welfare. The UFAW website aims to help reduce the severity and incidence of breed-related welfare problems in companion animals by providing information for prospective pet owners, breeders and others. The idea is that if you are thinking of […]

  • Do you want a working dog?

    Dogs make fantastic pets. Around the world there are millions of households which have pet dogs, with over 43 million households in the US alone. But dogs don’t just make good pets. They’re also capable of performing a multitude of tasks, from guarding to guiding, which makes them excellent working companions. The Benefit of having […]

  • Shining a Light on Homeless Dogs

    Territorio de Zaguates, an animal rescue organization in Costa Rica, was having trouble finding forever homes for their mixed breed dogs – 94% of their dogs in their organization. So they had an innovative idea: if people are more likely to adopt when they know the breed of the dog, why don’t we create unique […]

  • Helping Service Dogs Help Us

    While many of the traditional jobs (hunting, sledding, herding) that dogs once performed are becoming increasingly rare in modern society, dogs are definitely in no danger of becoming unemployed. Demand for dogs and their special skills just keeps skyrocketing, including assistance dogs working in partnership with the disabled, police and military dogs helping keep our […]