Category: Amazing People

  • Charlie Annenberg – Philanthropist Extraordinaire

    When Charlie Annenberg adopted an abandoned golden retriever named Lucky, a new breed of philanthropy was born. Annenberg incorporated Lucky into all his projects – making documentaries about people who were making a difference. Lucky became Annenberg’s sidekick & soul mate and would eventually inspire donations to dog-focused causes. Across America everywhere they went Annenberg filmed […]

  • A very special relationship between a boy and his dog!

    An Anatolian Shepherd named Haatchi overcame a terrible act of cruelty to become the best friend and inspiration for a young boy with a rare genetic condition.In January 2012, Haatchi was deliberately tied to a railway line in England and was hit by a train. Five days later, he was rescued by the RSPCA. He lost a leg […]

  • Nina Bondarenko

    Nina Bondarenko has a witty and entertaining presenting style that reveals an extraordinary knowledge of all things ‘Dog’. As a breeder, judge, trainer, assessor, behavioural consultant, Nina has developed an in-depth understanding of Canine Ethology, Canine Cognition and Communication, the Human-Animal Bond, and how to help us humans talk to dogs and be understood. Nina […]

  • 5 Year Old Leaves Legacy of Helping Homeless Animals

    Sarah Jayne Orton, of Finksburg Maryland, was a special child who devoted her short five years of life to helping homeless animals. Sadly, on 10 October 2013, five year old Sarah passed away unexpectedly after falling ill. Sarah had loved all animals and spent much of her time doing all she could to care for them. […]

  • Shelter Dog Shines as Search & Rescue Dog!

    Gem, a Border Collie, was unwanted and surrendered by her previous owners when she was a puppy. Now two years later she is a talented search and rescue dog. In 2011 Gem was surrendered to a local shelter by her owner. She spent several weeks at the shelter and then Pete and Alison Crichton adopted […]

  • Canine Chiropractor Helps Heal Hounds

    Healing Hands of Old George At 94, canine chiropractor George Schofield OAM continues to help dogs in pain. The WWII veteran works six days a week from a shed on his property in Yuroke, 30km north of Melbourne. ‘‘These days I usually treat between 6-12 dogs a day, which is great because it gives me […]