Author: Rosie

  • Dog Park Etiquette

    For most dog owners, going to the dog park is a fun way to let your dog get exercise while socializing with other dogs. In order to keep the dog park fun for all visitors, we all need to be mindful of proper dog park etiquette when we visit. Once you and your dog get […]

  • How to choose the right companion dog

    Genetic Health Problems in Companion Animals Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) focus is on Science in the Service of Animal Welfare. The UFAW website aims to help reduce the severity and incidence of breed-related welfare problems in companion animals by providing information for prospective pet owners, breeders and others. The idea is that if you are thinking of […]

  • Do you want a working dog?

    Dogs make fantastic pets. Around the world there are millions of households which have pet dogs, with over 43 million households in the US alone. But dogs don’t just make good pets. They’re also capable of performing a multitude of tasks, from guarding to guiding, which makes them excellent working companions. The Benefit of having […]

  • A new tool to help owners read dogs minds?

    Dognition is a new technology that promises to read dogs’ minds. Can it make them smarter? If you’ve ever wondered just how smart your pup is, now you can find out, thanks to the work of Dr. Brian Hare and his new technology, called ‘Dognition’. Find out how your dog learns Dr. Hare created Dognition, […]

  • Shining a Light on Homeless Dogs

    Territorio de Zaguates, an animal rescue organization in Costa Rica, was having trouble finding forever homes for their mixed breed dogs – 94% of their dogs in their organization. So they had an innovative idea: if people are more likely to adopt when they know the breed of the dog, why don’t we create unique […]

  • Helping Service Dogs Help Us

    While many of the traditional jobs (hunting, sledding, herding) that dogs once performed are becoming increasingly rare in modern society, dogs are definitely in no danger of becoming unemployed. Demand for dogs and their special skills just keeps skyrocketing, including assistance dogs working in partnership with the disabled, police and military dogs helping keep our […]

  • Halloween Safety Tips!

    Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people! But most pets don’t necessarily enjoy fright night quite as much as we do, and there can be extra dangers lurking for them that we should help them avoid. Here are a few tips for keeping your pets happy and healthy on Halloween: Keep the candy bowl […]

  • Working farm dogs find new homes and a new life

    Many Australian farms have at least one working dog, be it a kelpie, a cattle dog or some other breed and while they are valued for their work, many are abandoned or put down each year.  Carey & Di Edwards began Australian Working Dog Rescue International (AWDRI) to save rescue dogs from council pounds and […]

  • Tui, the sniffer dog – helps to count tiny harvest mice

    A sniffer dog is being trained to detect the presence of harvest mice, one of Britain’s smallest and most elusive mammals, in a novel approach to conservation No one really knows how many harvest mice there are currently in the British countryside, but that could be about to change with the help of a flat-coated […]

  • Dogs snub people who are mean to their owners

    Most dog owners will tell you that their pets are loyal, socially intelligent animals. Scientists in Japan showed domestic dogs avoid people they have seen behave unhelpfully to their owners, using a cunning test. The experiment was designed to see whether dogs can evaluate humans interacting with one another over an object. The result showed […]