Author: Rosie

  • Puppies In Schools

    Partners In Excellence offers hope, happiness, acceptance, and results to children diagnosed with autism and their families. PawPADs has joined forces with Partners to socialize the dogs and work with the kids.  S.I.T. Program The Social Interaction Therapy (SIT Program) allows the community to help socialise puppies while providing a training opportunity for the puppies […]

  • Raising a Puppy to become an Assistance Dog

    Jen Pottheiser is a volunteer puppy trainer for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI). CCI is an organization that breeds, raises and trains dogs to one day become assistance dogs. The dogs are then placed free of charge with people with physical and mental disabilities. Jen’s dog Callie, is a 16 month old golden retriever/lab. Puppy training […]

  • How Dogs Help Humans

    There is a vast array of canine-assisted interventions being used worldwide with new initiatives being developed daily. Different organisations and individuals will have varying information and specialisations. There are two main types of working Dogs i.e. Therapy Dogs and Assistance (or Service) Dogs. Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) utilises animals/dogs in therapeutic work with […]

  • Sponsor a Puppy!

    When we grow up we want to be Assistance Dogs. Can you help? For ‘less than the cost of your daily cup of coffee’ you can fully support an Assistance Dog puppy. This would provide all the necessary funding throughout its 2yrs training each to become a fully trained Assistance Dog to help provide people with physical […]

  • Australian Network for the Development of Animal-Assisted Therapies

    Australian Network for the Development of Animal Assisted Therapies (ANDAAT) is an organisation that: Brings together all the providers of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) Promotes the use of Animal Assisted Therapy Assists those who wish to use, research, study and work in AAT The dog is currently the major animal being used in Animal Assisted Therapy and […]

  • “Pawsitive Pals” San Diego Hospice Pet Therapy Program

    Dogs have a great role to play in hospitals. This video is particularly poignant as it explains the therapeutic value of dogs in Palliative medicine.The Pawsitive Pals Pet Therapy Program at San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine has a remarkable way of connecting with patients on a very special level. This video features […]

  • TDI Programs

    Therapy Dogs International (TDI) run a number of great programs: Assisted Living Assisted Living communities are supportive, home-like residences for elderly people who may require assistance with activities of daily living. Depending on the individual’s capability, dog visits are organized either as a group activity or, if necessary, in a resident’s room or apartment. Children Reading […]

  • Lex, the Showjumper’s Assistance Dog

    I first worked for Assistant Dogs Australia, then for Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia – this great partnership combines both of my passions in one inspirational story! Susi Hartley was given a new lease of life by her dog Lex, after a naval accident left her paralysed. Now she’s hoping to compete in the Paralympics […]