Year: 2015

  • WALTHAM® Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) Research Program

    WALTHAM science and publications in the area of human-animal interaction have been instrumental in helping to understand the special relationship between pets and people.  The WALTHAM® Human-AnimalInteraction (HAI) Research Program is pleased to announce the availability of £340,000 (approx $US524,000) in 2015 to fund high quality research into “the impact of companion animals on human cognition […]

  • Dogs & Older People

    The role of pets in the lives of the aged is particularly significant for those who live in a nursing home or in some situation of assisted care. Numerous studies show pets provide one of the few interventions capable of permanently lifting the atmosphere of hospices and nursing homes.  Despite all this evidence, many nursing […]

  • 10 Fruits & Vegetables That Dogs Absolutely Love!

    You have to feed your dog healthy food, specially fruits and vegetables. Taking care of your dog’s health will make him strong and full of power. Here are some kinds of fruits and vegetables that your dog will love to eat… 1.    Apple – an apple a day keeps the vet away? This may be true, apples […]

  • Animeals – Meals on Wheels now catering for Pets

    Many people living on a fixed income rely on the Meals on Wheels services in their area.  But they’re not eating the food – their animals are.  That’s why many distributors are now bringing people’s pets their own meals. “Many of our homebound senior clients who live alone depend on their pets for companionship but […]

  • Navy SEALS dogs: bulletproof, waterproof, high-tech

    Did you know that many of the special operations and dangerous missions US Navy SEALS complete might not be possible without the help of specially trained and specially outfitted – four-legged SEALS? Not only do these amazing dogs sniff out bombs, track human targets, and even parachute from planes into enemy territory, they also save […]

  • Therapy Dogs United

    Therapy Dogs United, Inc. (TDU) inspires physical rehabilitation and therapeutic healing through exploration of the unique animal-to-human bond and the use of interactive animal-assisted therapy and humane education.  Therapy dogs impact learning and provide the catalyst for positive change.  Since a therapy dog loves to interact with everyone – from children, to adults, to seniors – their core Facility Dog Placement Programs and Educational Programs really allow […]