All Dogs Have a Purpose

Month: October 2015

  • 75% of doctors say patients’ health improved as result of getting a pet!

    HABRI Survey of Doctors confirms what research is showing about the Health Benefits of Pets. Results showed 75% of doctors said patients’ health improved as the result of getting a pet. “Doctors and their patients really understand the human health benefits of pets, and they are putting that understanding into practice,” said HABRI Executive Director Steven […]

  • Habri Foundation calling for research proposals

    The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) Foundation vision is to demonstrate that our relationship with pets and animals make the world a better place by significantly improving human health and quality of life. HABRI is calling for research proposals to investigate the health outcomes of pet ownership and/or animal-assisted activity or therapy, both for […]

  • Take One Dog as Needed

    Is dog magic real?  The jury is in, confirming what most of us already know. Companion animals, dogs in particular, make us feel loved and valued, provide companionship and amusement, and can help us feel safer and more secure. Dogs can have a calming effect, especially when we are stressed.  As a result, animal-assisted therapy (AAT) and […]

  • 10 Incredible Scientific Discoveries About Dogs

    Dogs are perhaps best known for being loving and loyal, but they also have a bevy of lesser-known (and quite fascinating) traits. Here are 10 incredible scientific discoveries about them: No 10: They have 3 eyelids. Like people, dogs have top and bottom ones that move up and down. They also have one that originates in the corner […]

  • Dogs 4 Dementia launches pilot scheme with Assistance Dogs Australia

    Dogs for Dementia is one of Australia’s first assistance dog programs to help people and their families live with dementia. Dogs 4 Dementia is the first time in Australia that expert Dementia Centre consultants have partnered up with skilled Assistance Dogs Australia trainers to place dogs into the homes of people living with dementia. Dogs 4 Dementia […]

  • How do dogs “see” with their noses?

    You may have heard the expression that dogs ‘see with their noses.’  But these creature’s amazing nasal architecture actually reveals a whole world beyond what we can see. Alexandra Horowitz illustrates how the dog’s nose can smell the past, the future and even things that can’t be seen at all.  View full lesson:…

  • Dogs Use Their Gaze to Make You Love Them

    One look is all you need to understand the enduring bond between humans & dogs. Domestic dogs, unlike their wild wolf cousins, are adept at non-nonverbal communication with humans, and a lot of eye contact happens between dogs and their owners. But there’s more to that gaze than meets the eye: When owners and their […]

  • The Dogs & Kids Program

    The Dogs and Kids Program is a web based resource originally developed by The Royal Children’s Hospital Safety Centre, Melbourne, Australia. The Program promotes dog bite prevention and socially responsible dog ownership. A one page promotional flyer with key messages is also available as a hard copy hand out from The Safety Centre. The Dogs […]