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Free Resources for the Study of the Human-Animal Bond

If you’re looking for a great resource for scholarly articles and journals visit HABRI Central – an electronic library and collaborative resource hub for the study of the Human-animal bond:
HABRI Central is an online platform for open research and collaboration into the relationships between humans and animals, specifically companion animals.

HABRI Central uses a combination of library resources to facilitate the discovery, access, production, and preservation of human-animal interaction research.

bibliography of references to human-animal interaction literature helps you to discover existing research while a full-text repository allows you to freely access a wide-array of materials and tools.

Along with these library resources, community-driven discussion areas, blogs, and user groups all allow you to connect and share knowledge with experts, professionals, and others involved in the study of human-animal interaction. 

By hosting all of these features in an easily accessible and centralized way, HABRI Central helps unite those involved in the study of human-animal interaction across disciplines while simultaneously lowering access barriers that might prevent the free flow of information among them.