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Doggone Perfect!

Dogs are lots of fun. But they need to be well managed and learn to behave themselves. Here are a few pointers on what really makes for a ‘good dog’.

According to Gary Wilkes, a respected US dog behaviourist and trainer, a good dog should be:
  • Fully housetrained. Unless there’s a physical problem, this standard is fairly easy to achieve.
  • Able to greet strangers without displaying aggression or objectionable affection.
  • Able to walk on a leash without pulling you down the street.
  • Able to tolerate medical care, examinations and grooming.
  • Able to ride in a car quietly, and not lunge at people passing by.
  • Okay to stay at home, in your absence, without destroying the furniture.
  • Willing to tolerate occasional loud noises, such as thunder.

Many canine owners put up with a lot less than this. The creation of a really good dog, Wilkes says, is always the result of a good owner. The steps to improving your dog’s behaviour may be obedience training, a qualified behaviourist or just raising your own expectations.

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