All Dogs Have a Purpose

Year: 2014

  • Dog-ercise decoded…

    Are you and your pet getting the most out of taking the dog for a walk? Owning and exercising a dog is a great way for you both to maintain your health and for dog owners to ensure they get their recommended 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week. But remember that […]

  • Charlie Annenberg – Philanthropist Extraordinaire

    When Charlie Annenberg adopted an abandoned golden retriever named Lucky, a new breed of philanthropy was born. Annenberg incorporated Lucky into all his projects – making documentaries about people who were making a difference. Lucky became Annenberg’s sidekick & soul mate and would eventually inspire donations to dog-focused causes. Across America everywhere they went Annenberg filmed […]

  • How can service dogs help Parkinson’s?

    Service dogs are specialty trained to help and protect people with vision, hearing, physical and emotional challenges. Some of the earliest and well-known use of service dogs is the use of guide dogs for blind or visually challenged persons. Many people with Parkinson’s Disease use a Mobility Assistance Dog. Sometimes a special harness is worn by […]

  • Do We Really Want A Generation Of Couch Potato Dogs?

    We often park children in front of electronics at home or in a restaurant. It looks like we can do the same with our pets. DogTV will cost subscribers $5.99a month to broadcast content 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, to capture the attention of our dogs. The company describes the channel as “scenes […]

  • Good Dog! Annual Film Festival

    Good Dog! is a film festival screening engaging films that include a dog. The annual festival is held on Sydney Harbour, nestled in the historic suburb of Balmain. All profits are donated to Australian and International dog charities. For more information visit: The 2014 Good Dog Festival (Sept 4-7) will be supporting the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home (Australian […]

  • Vest allows dog to ‘talk’ to owner…

    A vest developed by a research team at Georgia Tech is aiming to give trained dogs the ability to “speak” to their owners. The project, FIDO (Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations), would allow dogs to communicate crucial information – be it about navigation for the blind, bombs for security, or diagnoses for doctors – to their […]

  • Every Dog’s Legal Guide

    Every Dog’s Legal Guide – A Must-Have Book for Your Owner Mary Randolph, J.D. 2012, 7th Ed. Get the nose-to-tail guide to barking, biting, leash laws, traveling regulations and more. Every Dog’s Legal Guide is a newly revised, up-to-date practical guide to the legal issues that affect dogs, their owners and their neighbors every day, including:  – dog owners’ liability […]

  • RSPCA Programs 1. Safe Beds for Pets Program The Safe Beds for Pets Program was established to provide temporary housing for pets of people who are seeking refuge from domestic violence and to address the link between animal and human abuse and child protection. The Safe Beds Program is not a long-term solution to the housing of the pet, […]

  • 6 Ways Dogs Relieve Depression

    1. Dogs offer a soothing presence Patting a dog can help to lower blood pressure. Pet owners have significantly lower blood pressure and heart rate both before and while performing stressful mental tasks. People recovering from heart attacks recover more quickly and survive longer when there is a pet at home. It seems as though […]