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Dog helps boy unlock his Autism – a friend Like Henry

The moving true story of a Golden Retriever named Henry who was adopted into a family with a severely Autistic boy named Dale. The Autism was so severe, Dale stopped speaking to his parents and his tantrums worsened. Dale’s breakthrough came through the help and unconditional love of Henry.

This story became a best selling book and then turned into a life-affirming film.

A Friend Like Henry: The Remarkable True Story of an Autistic Boy and the Dog That Unlocked His World  Nuala Gardner

Front CoverA Friend Like Henry is a mother’s heart-warming account of how her little boy conquered his autism with the help of a devoted family dog, a Golden Retriever.

When Jamie and Nuala Gardner chose a puppy for their son, Dale, they weren’t an ordinary family choosing an ordinary pet. Dale’s autism was so severe that the smallest deviation from his routine could provoke a terrifying tantrum. Family life was almost destroyed by his condition, and his parents spent most of their waking hours trying to break into their son’s autistic world and give him the help he so desperately needed. 

But after years of constant effort and slow progress, the Gardners lives were transformed when they welcomed a new member into the family, Henry, a gorgeous golden retriever puppy. The bond between Dale & his dog would change their lives…

After Thomas: 

The movie based on this true story. A British couple struggle to cope with their child’s autism until a puppy unlocks his hidden side.