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Shelters refuse to take homeless man In because of his dog, George

Just a little over a year ago, Alex had a nice life going for himself. He had a steady job, a home and had found love, but when all of that suddenly disappeared, his life was understandably turned upside-down.
Alex and his best friend George
Many people don’t consider exactly what must have happened to homeless persons to get them to such a desperate place. Relationship and money issues are things each and every person likely experiences at some point in life, but for Alex the burden was too much to bare and he was left with nothing but his loyal dog on the streets. Professionals 4 People and Jewish House decided to help Alex get off the streets of Sydney and transform his life back around.
Turned down by homeless shelters when he refused to leave his best friend, his dog George, the organizations finally gave Alex a warm place to lay his head. Even George benefited from the transformation, as he saw a vet, while Alex was pampered. Alex seemed to have truly gone from rags to riches, going from having nothing to eat to eating at the best restaurant in town overnight. After receiving a new wardrobe, a massage and even a new job, Alex is finally able to turn his life back around.