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Plastic Bottle Recycling Booth doubles as a water and food dispenser for Homeless Dogs

How great is this!

In Istanbul, Turkey, where an estimated 150,000 stray dogs and cats reportedly wander the streets, a Turkish company called Pugedon believes it has come up with a way to feed the animals: “Smart Recycling Boxes,” a machine that dispenses food and water in exchange for recycled plastic bottles.

The benefits of the vending machine are two-fold: encourage recycling and feed the city’s strays. Recycling is put on top and food is dispensed out the bottom within easy reach for animals in need. There’s even a water dish attached so users can pour the remaining water from a plastic bottle before recycling it. The recycled bottles are supposed to cover the cost of the food.

The problem of managing stray dogs in international cities most recently came to light during the 2014 Winter Olympics, when stray dogs roamed the streets of the Games’ host city, Sochi, Russia. When it was reported that some of the Sochi strays were going to be culled, animal rights activists sprang into action to rescue the homeless pups, and even some of the athletes brought them back to the United States.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Empty the rest of clean water from bottle.

2. Place bottle in opening.

3. Water and food becomes readily available for any hungry dog!