Month: April 2014

  • Every Dog’s Legal Guide

    Every Dog’s Legal Guide – A Must-Have Book for Your Owner Mary Randolph, J.D. 2012, 7th Ed. Get the nose-to-tail guide to barking, biting, leash laws, traveling regulations and more. Every Dog’s Legal Guide is a newly revised, up-to-date practical guide to the legal issues that affect dogs, their owners and their neighbors every day, including:  – dog owners’ liability […]

  • RSPCA Programs 1. Safe Beds for Pets Program The Safe Beds for Pets Program was established to provide temporary housing for pets of people who are seeking refuge from domestic violence and to address the link between animal and human abuse and child protection. The Safe Beds Program is not a long-term solution to the housing of the pet, […]

  • 6 Ways Dogs Relieve Depression

    1. Dogs offer a soothing presence Patting a dog can help to lower blood pressure. Pet owners have significantly lower blood pressure and heart rate both before and while performing stressful mental tasks. People recovering from heart attacks recover more quickly and survive longer when there is a pet at home. It seems as though […]

  • Whiskey the Deaf Therapy Dog

    Meet Whiskey, an Australian Shepherd, who is a certified therapy dog AND he’s deaf! “My name is Whiskey. They found me at the dog pound almost 3 years ago. I was going to be put to sleep because no one wanted a deaf dog. Now I am a Therapy Dog, who volunteers at different places […]

  • Funeral home dogs help comfort grieving families

    The dog has become an invaluable tool for the funeral home in helping local families deal with their grief. Some people even ask to bring the dogs with them to the cemetery, providing them with some comfort while they visit the burial site of a loved one. “Our experience has shown that people can let go […]

  • Do you know your dog’s welfare needs

    There are five key welfare needs for dogs: Environment The need for a suitable environment (place to live) Diet The need for a suitable diet Behaviour The need to express normal behaviour Companionship The need for to live with, or apart from, other animals Health The need to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and […]

  • Human Foods to Avoid for Dogs

    There are a number of human foods that you should avoid feeding to dogs as they can have an adverse effect on their health. Alcohol: affects dogs in the same way it affects humans. High levels of alcohol consumption can cause intoxication, gastrointestinal irritation, respiratory distress, coma and death. Avocado: contains persin which is in […]

  • Dogs ‘n’ Kids Information Resource Kit

    A resource kit for health professionals promoting dog bite prevention and socially responsible dog ownership – 3rd editionDogs ‘n’ Kids began in 1997 as one of the first initiatives in Australia to specifically address injuries to small children from dogs. It was developed by The Safety Centre at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in conjunction with other child safety […]