All Dogs Have a Purpose

Year: 2013

  • Livestock Guardian Dogs: Working on Common Ground

    Ranchers who struggle to coexist with large predators are finding new hope in old dog breeds. While these Old World livestock guardian dog breeds have successfully defended livestock from predators for thousands of years in Europe and Asia, they remain relatively unknown in the American West. Explore how they work for one family, and what […]

  • How working dogs are helping conservation efforts

    Conservationists around the world are using a new kind of filed equipment. It can navigate difficult terrain, detect tiny samples, and…wag it’s tail! Detection Dogs are teaming up with humans to study rare, endangered and invasive species. In 2000, Working Dogs for Conservation, was set up to assist a group of biologists and dogs travel the world, to […]

  • Supporting human-animal interaction research

    Adore Animals have published a beautiful coffee table book on the benefits that animals have for children. The book is called Moments of Connection, and for a short time all profits from sales of the book will be donated to Australian Anthrozoology Research Foundation (AARF). AARF are delighted to be partnering with Adore Animals on this promotion, […]

  • A Unique Way To Get People To Adopt Dogs!

    Territorio deZaguates  No one wanted abandoned mixed breed dogs until a rescue organization did something unique to help them. Read this inspirational story… 

  • Understanding Dog Language: The Ethogram

    Learning to understand the language of dogsThere is a world that is invisible to us, a world of smells. While we can observe a dog sniffing, then marking, we can’t smell or understand the odors he perceives. Dogs do not, however, use odours alone to communicate: they use facial expressions, postures and movements that we can […]

  • Australian Working Dog Conference 2013

    Australian Working Dog Conference 2013  4-5 Nov | SydneyThe inaugural Australian Working Dog Conference, will bring together over 200 working dog breeders, trainers, handlers, veterinarians, facility managers, research scientists, advocacy and government group representatives from across Australasia. A place to share ideas, network and learn, this conference is the first of its kind. Contact:   What is The […]

  • AAI Code of Practice (UK)

    As public awareness of the benefits of animal-assisted interventions increases and more providers are looking to set up programs, there is an ever growing need to ensure a consistent, responsible and safe approach to these interventions.  Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS) has produced a code of practice for the field of animal-assisted interventions in UK. You can download […]

  • Dogs sniff out lung cancer

    DOGS are surprisingly adept at sniffing out lung cancer, results from a pilot project in Austria suggests, potentially offering hope for earlier, life-saving diagnosis. “Dogs have no problem identifying tumour patients,” said Peter Errhalt, head of the pulmonology department at Krems hospital in northern Austria, one of the authors of the study. The test saw dogs […]

  • Hero Dogs are ordinary dogs doing extraordinary things

    “Hero Dogs are ordinary dogs doing extraordinary things.”American HumaneAssociation Hero Dog Awards™ were created in 2010 to celebrate the remarkable bond between dogs and people in a positive way.  This annual national competition searches out and recognizes America’s Hero Dogs, who unconditionally avail themselves to us in so many important ways, whether it’s saving lives […]