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Nina Bondarenko

Nina Bondarenko has a witty and entertaining presenting style that reveals an extraordinary knowledge of all things ‘Dog’. As a breeder, judge, trainer, assessor, behavioural consultant, Nina has developed an in-depth understanding of Canine Ethology, Canine Cognition and Communication, the Human-Animal Bond, and how to help us humans talk to dogs and be understood.

Nina Bondarenko is the author and illustrator of the book “Hearts, Minds and Paws” – a lavishly illustrated book on dogs with unusual working jobs, from blood and explosive detection, through seizure alert and response, and including Assistance dogs such as Dog of the Millennium and Dickens Medal winner Canine Partners ‘Endal

She has been training dogs for specific-purpose working roles for over 30 years. Nina was a founder member of the Dingo Study Foundation (Aus), and she studies wild canid behaviour.

Nina also delivers training on the SCAS courses Companion Animal Interventions in Therapeutic Practice and Practical Training for Therapy Dogs.
Is your dog a happy dog? – FREE Webinar
How can you tell if your dog is happy or whether he or she is anxious, afraid, or stressed? Is it all in the waggy tail or is there so much more our dogs can tell us about how they are feeling?

In this 1 hour online webinar, internationally renowned canine behaviourist and trainer, Nina Bondarenko looks at the common communication signals our dogs make all the time to tell us (and each other) how they are feeling. Invaluable for any dog owner this session should help you to recognise when your dog is a happy dog and when they are not so happy.
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