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World Animal Day

World Animal Day was started in 1931 at a convention of ecologists in Florence as a way of highlighting the plight of endangered species. 

Oct 4 was chosen as World Animal Day as it is the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

“If there is to be any redemption for humankind, it lies not in thinking about ourselves, but on what we can do to make peace, here on Earth, with our fellow animals and the world of nature.”

Since then, World Animal Day has become a day for remembering and paying tribute to all animals and the people who love and respect them. It’s celebrated in different ways in every country, with no regard to nationality, religion, faith or political ideology.

Pope Francis breaks the rules for dogs: Belonging to visually impaired radio journalist
Alessandro Forlani, Asià, a Labrador Retriever, receives a blessing from Pope Francis.

And here in Melbourne…

Join Edgar’s Mission at Fed Square for World Animal Day 2013, 
the most important day on the animal calendar!