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15 Reasons Animal-Assisted Therapy Works!

Animal assisted therapy can be more effective than traditional talk therapy because:

  1. Animals can increase a person’s motivation and participation in therapy.
  2. Animals can help build trust with the therapist and came make the therapy room feel like a safe place.
  3. Animals can improve everyone’s social interactions.
  4. Dogs offer unconditional acceptance.
  5. People may identify with certain animals or characteristics of animals.
  6. Animals can help people relax when anxious or upset.
  7. Animals can provide support for us socially and emotionally.
  8. Some people have difficult connecting with others.
  9. Animals make learning new things easier.
  10. The presence of an animal in therapy allows for the focus to be on the animal instead of on the client.
  11. Animals may help children who have ADHD.
  12. A person may see his or her own feelings and issues in the animal
  13. Dogs are funny and playful.
  14. Animals promote empathy and nurturance.
  15. Animals can improve self-esteem.