Month: April 2013

  • PUPs Program

    Pets Unstressing Passengers   Some people recommend a stiff drink to combat anxiety about flying. Officials at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) think they have a better solution: friendly dogs. Launched this week at LAX, the Pets Unstressing Passengers – or “PUP” program – aims to have tails wagging in various terminals at the airport in an […]

  • Can your Dog Point?

    After he got his doctorate in biological anthropology from Harvard, Dr. Brian Hare and his colleagues finally published their results: “Dogs could indeed pass the pointing test, while wolves, their wild relatives, could not”. Photo: Brian Hare, associate professor at Duke University and chief scientific officer at Dognition, conducting the “folder game” with Finley – Carl […]

  • 15 Reasons Animal-Assisted Therapy Works!

    Animal assisted therapy can be more effective than traditional talk therapy because: Animals can increase a person’s motivation and participation in therapy. Animals can help build trust with the therapist and came make the therapy room feel like a safe place. Animals can improve everyone’s social interactions. Dogs offer unconditional acceptance. People may identify with […]