Year: 2013

  • Medical Alert Assistance Dogs

    Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are trained to help people with life-threatening health conditions, giving them greater independence and above all saving their lives on a daily basis. Dogs are trained to assist individuals who manage complex health conditions. They are taught to identify the odour changes that are associated with life-threatening medical events. The avoidance […]

  • Nina Bondarenko

    Nina Bondarenko has a witty and entertaining presenting style that reveals an extraordinary knowledge of all things ‘Dog’. As a breeder, judge, trainer, assessor, behavioural consultant, Nina has developed an in-depth understanding of Canine Ethology, Canine Cognition and Communication, the Human-Animal Bond, and how to help us humans talk to dogs and be understood. Nina […]

  • New Lease on Life

    New Leash on Life USA is a new generation prison dog-training program that saves the lives of shelter dogs by training and socializing them to enhance their adoptability while helping inmates learn to train and care for dogs. With New Leash on Life USA, dogs live in the cells with their inmate trainers 24/7, making […]

  • 5 Year Old Leaves Legacy of Helping Homeless Animals

    Sarah Jayne Orton, of Finksburg Maryland, was a special child who devoted her short five years of life to helping homeless animals. Sadly, on 10 October 2013, five year old Sarah passed away unexpectedly after falling ill. Sarah had loved all animals and spent much of her time doing all she could to care for them. […]

  • Dog Safety Restraints to be installed in SA Ambulances

    More and more people are realizing the importance of dogs, and are even taking them into consideration when designing vehicles. Now South Australia plans to implement a program that will allow guide and service dogs to safely travel with their companions in ambulances. SA Ambulance officials are in talks with Guide Dogs SA and other […]

  • Woolf provides calming effect for kids testifying in court

    Sitting two rows back in the courtroom, an astute visitor during the recent testimony of an abused little boy might have caught sight of the tips of two furry, white ears poking over the top railing of the witness box. And maybe once in a while that little boy’s hand may have snaked down to […]

  • “I am here” homeless hounds seen for the first time!

    In major cities around the world, it is commonplace to see abandoned dogs and cats on the street. Two college students, Violeta Caro Pinda and Felipe Carrasco Guzman, decided to raise awareness of the plight of homeless pups in Chile with a creative approach. The duo tied balloons to street dogs with phrases such as “hug me”, […]

  • University of Pennsylvania’s Working Dog Center Graduates

    The University of Pennsylvania’s Working Dog Center held its first commencement ceremony Tuesday, graduating seven dogs. The center opened last September and was inspired by the canine rescue work on 9/11. The first graduating class contains many talented dogs that will go on to work as search and rescue dogs, medical alert dogs and police […]

  • Shelter Dog Shines as Search & Rescue Dog!

    Gem, a Border Collie, was unwanted and surrendered by her previous owners when she was a puppy. Now two years later she is a talented search and rescue dog. In 2011 Gem was surrendered to a local shelter by her owner. She spent several weeks at the shelter and then Pete and Alison Crichton adopted […]

  • Great Dane’s special bond with little pal

    Charlie, a two-year-old Great Dane, has formed a special bond with his family’s three-year-old daughter Brianna Lynch. The young girl suffers from several forms of epileptic seizures, and even though Charlie is not trained as a detection dog he has developed the ability to sense her seizure coming twenty minutes in advance. Charlie and Brianna […]