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Canine Chiropractor Helps Heal Hounds

Healing Hands of Old George

At 94, canine chiropractor George Schofield OAM continues to help dogs in pain. The WWII veteran works six days a week from a shed on his property in Yuroke, 30km north of Melbourne.
‘‘These days I usually treat between 6-12 dogs a day, which is great because it gives me company. People have brought their dogs to me from as far as NZ and Darwin. Just last week a lady drove down from Canberra so I could treat her dogs.’’
Schofield, a self-taught practitioner, first made a name for himself as a greyhound chiropractor.
For decades trainers would bring about 30 race dogs to him each day so he could use manipulation and massage to detect and treat injuries and to ensure their dogs were ready for their next race.
Schofield has helped many champion greyhounds, including Bold Trease, Temlee and Shans View. In the 1990s he expanded his business to treat domestic dogs.
‘‘I started helping other breeds as well as greyhounds because all dogs deserve to live pain-free,’’Schofield said, a member of Greyhound Racing Victoria’s Hall of Fame.
After starting out treating dogs for a silver coin donation, the cost has risen to $10 a dog. Such is his passion for the greyhound breed Schofield refuses to accept payment for treating a retired race dog. (Herald Sun 25 April 2012)
‘‘Greyhounds are my favourite type of dog because they have such a placid nature.’’
George has also worked with the Victorian Police Dog Squad, the Australian Customs Drug Detector Dog Unit, the Office of Corrections Dog Squad and with Dogs from the Security and Emergency Services Group.