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Paging all ‘Dog-tors’ to Northridge Hospital

OK so they may not be real doctors but Pet Therapy Dogstend to patients throughout Northridge Hospital. Accompanied by its trained owner-volunteer, a Paws That Refresh Pet Therapy Dog visits most of the medical floors, twice daily. 

Meet the dogs who deliver unconditional love to the bedside of patients and visit hospital staff and physicians who may be dealing with one of life’s challenges. See these great dogs in action with this light-hearted but heartfelt video…

Pet Therapy provides inpatients with a special opportunity to interact with dogs that are certified by Therapy Dogs, Inc. or the Delta Society. These dogs are well trained, good natured and enjoy attention. Often, abilities not seen in structured therapy may become evident while interacting with the animals. The program promotes positive emotions and helps patients progress in the areas of communication, cognition, activities of daily living and mobility.