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Call for Research Papers

Clio’s Psyche Call for Papers – Psychology of Human-Animal Relationships

Special Issue, June 2012 
Throughout history, humans have experienced many different relationships with animals: companion and helper, enemy, food, entertainment, totem and god. We anthropomorphize animals. We grieve at the loss of our animal companions. We learn about humans from the work of ethologists in the scientific study of animal behaviour.
For June 2012 Special Issue of Clio’s Psyche: Understanding the “Why” of Culture, Current Events, History and Society, Clio’s Psyche welcomes peoples thoughts on a variety of related subjects including those below:
  • The healing power of pets and animal companions, & animal-assisted therapy
  • Control & power in human-animal interactions: obedience training, etc.
  • Ethology: what we learn about humans from the scientific study of animals
  • Working dogs for the disabled, military and police  

Submissions due April 1, 2012. For further details visit