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Angelyne the Amazing ‘Deaf’ Cattle Dog

Angelyne is an Australian Cattle Dog who was born completely deaf. She’s an outstanding example to what usually happens with deaf dogs. Many deaf dogs are misunderstood, abandoned, left in shelters or euthanized.

Angelyne the Amazing DEAF Cattle DogLike most cattle dogs she is very intelligent, work-driven and loyal. She has no idea that she is deaf. She does bark and her sight, smell and sense of surroundings are amazing. 

Angelyneknows & responds to 46 different hand signals and non-verbal commands.  

Angelyne’s talents and gifts have allowed her and her owner, Eric Melvin, a new purpose in life.
Since 2007, Eric & Angelyne have given 230 talks and demos at schools, special events, carnivals, festivals, pet expos, at-risk youth, centres for the elderly and disabled. In 2011, they made 76 public appearances, demos and presentations to 14000 people of all ages, abilities and social situations…