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Puppies In Schools

Partners In ExcellencePartners In Excellence offers hope, happiness, acceptance, and results to children diagnosed with autism and their families. PawPADs has joined forces with Partners to socialize the dogs and work with the kids.

postheadericon S.I.T. Program

The Social Interaction Therapy (SIT Program) allows the community to help socialise puppies while providing a training opportunity for the puppies to practice their skills.

Through a partnership with “Partners In Excellence Autism Therapy Centres” in Minnesota, PawPADs dogs visit one of the PIE schools each week. 
The kids get the opportunity to practice appropriate behaviours, social skills, and gain confidence while the dogs get to practice their obedience & service dog skills, as well as their own social behaviours. 
It’s become an important part of many of the children’s therapy and everyone’s a winner! Check out this short video.
Puppies Need To Go To School Too!
Puppies are like children; they also need to go to school too! Like some children, some puppies have challenges to overcome too. 

Shadow is a 6 month old Great Dane who is deaf and needs special training to help him learn new things. This video explains how is being taught to learn new skills to cope with the world as he grows up…

Deaf dogs make wonderful companions if you are willing to make a special effort to live with them successfully. The deaf dog is not handicapped, s/he simply can’t hear!
Typically, deaf dogs (like deaf humans) compensate for the lack of hearing sound by developing a stronger reliance on visual signals and on their sense of smell.
So the challenge really is for people to learn to use signals effectively and consistently to build an effective relationship with their deaf dog.
To find out more read ‘Living & Working with a Deaf Dog’ by Susan Cope-Becker or visit DEAF Dog Education Fund at