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Pups in Prison Program

Initially launched in November 2002 at Kirkconnell Prison NSW, Assistance Dogs Australia’s Pups in Prison Program has now expanded into six prisons across four states of Australia.

Kirkconnell Correctional Centre Pups In Prison ProgramPups receive basic training and socialisation over 16-18 months by inmates and prison officers and then return to Assistance Dogs Australia for intensive training. 

ADA trainers support the progress of the pups and conduct regular training sessions with the officers and inmates. The pups spend their week within the correctional centres and go home with the officers on weekends for community socialisation.

The Pups in Prison Program is a ‘win-win’ for all involved. It helps Assistance Dogs Australia train their dogs, people with special needs who receive these highly trained dogs and inmates within the prison environment. 

This program improves self-esteem and empathy levels among inmates, increases positive behaviours and moods, creates better relationships between staff and inmates and opens up more opportunities for education, training and employment on release.